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LED Dancefloors 

Dance Floor Usage & Installation Conditions

KBE Event Services must be able to reach the install location with our wheeled trolleys so we ask you to check that ramped or lift access is available. KBE Event Services accepts no responsibility for any damaged caused to the flooring its dance floors are laid on. We offer an underlay service which will minimise any marks or damage and/or The Client may put protective underlay down if they wish to protect his/her floor which is available on request. If the flooring is not suitable for our team to install the dance floor on, KBE Event Services reserve the right to refuse to lay the dance floor and no refund will be offered. Please ensure the dance floor area is clear in advance of our installation team’s arrival. Failure to do so could result in our team not having their full allocated time to install and may result in not installing part or the entire dance floor. Please ensure the ground is flat. In order to install our dance floors safety, we will refuse to lay on uneven ground which may cause the floor to come apart or not lock tightly together. If our installation team arrive at the venue and feel that the conditions are unsuitable we reserve the right to refuse the installation without refund unless explicitly agreed in writing by us. 


We do not allow TABLES, CHAIRS, stickers, transfers or decorations to be placed on the dance floor. Please check with us before proceeding with a booking if you are unsure of these conditions. No FOOD & DRINKS are to be allowed on to the dance floor for health and safety reasons. The Client will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and be held responsible for any injured person/s due to drinks being spilt or glasses being smashed during the hire period. As with all electrical products we advise that no drinks are spilled onto, near the dancefloor or its power supply as this may cause the lights to switch off and damage the dancefloor.


Do not use metallic confetti or confetti cannons on these starlit floors it can cause them to short circuit and stop working, we cannot be held responsible if this happens and damages may be charged. 


In under no circumstances should The Client, venue or other persons attempt to remove, dismantle or re-position the dancefloor without KBE Event Services written permission. If we find the dance floor has been tampered with then we have the right to remove and The Client will be liable for any damaged caused. No refunds will be issued in this instance. If for any reason the dance floor stops performing then The Client must contact us for support. 


Overtime fees will be charged if the event times are extended from those stated on the booking form. Overtime will be charged per hour, or part thereof, and are payable upon receipt of our invoice at a fee of £30 per hour. This condition is also in place where we are not able to gain access to assemble or remove the floor. 


All equipment shall be returned in a clean and reasonable condition (all bar that which would be expected from normal wear and tear from equipment usage) otherwise additional repair and cleaning charges may apply. 


KBE Event Services will not be responsible for, and The Client will indemnify against all claims for injury to persons, or loss of , or damage to, property, however caused, unless it to be proven that such injury or damage resulted from faulty materials, workmanship, or negligence on the part of KBE Event Services. KBE Event Services shall not accept any consequential costs or damages arising from unavoidable delay, bad weather or accident. The hirer shall take precautions to ensure alternative arrangements are made in such a situation.


Whilst every effort will be made by the company to complete any orders, the company cannot be held liable for variation or non completion of orders sue to Acts of God, Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale, Tempest, War Pandemic, Terrorism, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other civil disturbances.


The Client must transfer 25% of the total to secure the booking with KBE Event Services. This will be used as the booking deposit.

The Client must transfer the full total no later than 7 days before the booking date. 

If The Client does not transfer within the timescale we reserve the right to cancel the booking or impose a late fee. 


In the event of a cancellation the client will be liable for the following charges.

Cancellation more than 90 days before the event - 25% of the invoice total

Cancellation from 90 - 30 days - 50% of the invoice total 

Cancellation from 0 - 30 days  - 90% of the invoice total

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